Upcoming events Summer 2023

26 Jun 2023

1 – 2 July
Music & Visual Weekend - Outdoor Humberston

8 July
Music & Visual rehearsal - Outdoor Humberston

9 July
DCUK Show Broadstreet Rugby

2 – 3 September
Music & Visual Weekend - Outdoor Humberston

9 September
Music & Visual rehearsal - Outdoor Humberston

10 September
DCUK Show Hinckley

16 – 17 September
Music & Visual Weekend - Outdoor Humberston

16 September
25th Reunion Event - Central Hall - Grimsby

23 September
DCUK Finals - Butts Park Coventry

This includes our 25th Reunion event where we are currently trying to get in touch with all members who have been part of the organisation over the years in order to meet to celebrate what we have achieved.

Grant award

26 Jun 2023

East Coast Elite is thrilled to share the exciting news of our recent grant approval, which will enable us to not only sustain but also expand our organisation in the upcoming 12 months.

We are incredibly grateful to Ørsted for their generous contribution of £3600 through their East Coast Community Fund, which will play a pivotal role in supporting the various expenses associated with our organisation. This grant will significantly contribute to covering our school room and field rental costs, as well as assist in maintaining our truck. Over the course of the next year, our primary focus will be on growing our membership.

Despite the challenges posed by the Covid Pandemic, we have persevered and are determined to extend access to music and dance activities individuals within our community. By expanding our reach and welcoming more participants, we aim to foster a vibrant and inclusive environment that promotes the arts. It is worth noting that the marching arts scene in the United Kingdom is becoming increasingly niche, with a much smaller number of remaining groups in the entire country.

In this context, the grant received from Ørsted assumes even greater significance. Not only does it provide vital support for our organisation, but it also serves as a testament to the value of preserving this unique cultural activity within the UK. Thanks to Ørsted's generosity, our region will continue to be a stronghold for the marching arts, ensuring its longevity and furthering its impact in our community.

East Coast Elite is sincerely thankful to Ørsted for their support and belief in our mission. With this grant, we are inspired to continue our efforts in promoting music and dance, fostering creativity, and enriching the lives of those involved. We look forward to the exciting journey ahead and the positive impact we will create together.

We are currently looking to enhance our membership so if you or someone you know may be interested please do come along and see what is on offer.

More information

For more information about upcoming performances and events please email us at or contact us on our facebook page.